Planning Considerations

Planning Considerations

when Forming a Business

when Forming a Business


Contract Drafting and Negotiations


Corporate Transactions and Tax Planning

Corporate Transactions and Tax Planning

Business Formation

Launching a new business is exciting, but it often involves important decisions involving the type of business to establish, ownership and management structures, governance issues, liability protection, and taxation issues. Properly evaluating these considerations prior to forming the business is good planning and can avoid issues and expenses later.

Christine Waun has over 20 years’ of experience in forming business entities, counseling owners on business matters, contract review and negotiation, and assisting physicians and other professionals, and small business owners with buying and selling businesses.

We provide assistance in the following areas:

There are a number of planning considerations when forming a business, including entity selection, ownership, management structure, liability protection, and taxation.

Tax planning is the process of forecasting one’s tax liability and implementing strategies to reduce it.

Corporate transactions include the purchase and sale of a company’s assets, joint venture agreements, and recapitalizing stock into voting and non-voting shares.

Contract drafting and negotiation involves the drafting of legal documents such as employment agreements, commercial leases, buy-sell agreements, non-competition agreements, and purchase and sale agreements. The terms of the documents are negotiated with the other party’s legal counsel.

A buy-sell agreement is a written agreement between the co-owners of a business that dictate who can buy an owner’s interest in the business. Typically these agreements only come into force when an owner of a business dies, retires, is bankrupted, becomes disabled or is divorced.

An employment agreement is a written document that an employer and employee sign setting forth the terms of the relationship.

There are many variables and complexities involved with drafting and negotiating commercial leases. Whether it’s from the perspective of a landlord or tenant, the ultimate goal should be to close the deal while achieving the desired objectives.

A purchase agreement is an important part in protecting both parties in the sale and purchase of a business. The assistance of professionals with specialized knowledge should be sought to navigate the many issues associated with these types of transactions.

Asset protection involves the utilization of estate planning and business strategies to place assets out of the reach of future potential creditors.

Business succession planning in a family-owned business context is the process of transferring a family business to the next generation.

Real estate transactions include the purchase and sale of commercial real estate, IRC §1031 tax-free exchanges, asset protection, insurance and taxation considerations.

An IRS Private Letter Ruling Request is a written request made by a taxpayer to the IRS asking the IRS to interpret and apply the tax laws to the taxpayer’s situation.

An application for tax exempt status is a written request made by a taxpayer to the IRS to grant an organization an exemption from federal income tax. To qualify as exempt from federal income tax, an organization must meet requirements set forth in the Internal Revenue Code.

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